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Right To Buy Your Council House

Think about purchasing your right to buy council house, become a home owner instead of a

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council tenant, discounts are available to you and your family, your future search starts here.

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As a Co-op we work in unison with your local council or housing authorities and therefore you can be reassured you are in safe hands.

On this website you can find if you are eligible to what discounts you could get and how to take the next steps if you decide to apply.

Home Ownership

When you find out your property value usually no deposit is required and  you can sometimes borrow extra money for home improvements and in the majority of cases all for less than paying rent.

Co-op Right To Buy Advisers

At Co-op Right To Buy Helpline we are standing by to take your calls, collectively we have assisted to date over 21,500 tenants since 1997 securing total discounted savings exceeding £37 million.

Right To Buy Discounts

Houses. You get a 35% discount if you’ve been a public sector tenant for between 3 and 5 years. After 5 years, the discount goes up by 1% for every extra year you’ve been a public sector tenant, up to a maximum of 70% – or £82,800 across England and £110,500 in London boroughs (whichever is lower).

What To Do Now

Either request a call back or leave your details to receive more information, alternatively if you wish to speak with us now call free on 0330 555 0023  or use our online chat facility

Co-op right to buy helpline is here to help make ownership easier this may include purchasing your council/housing association property in conjunction with HM government right to buy scheme.

Social Enterprise Group

Our mission is to assist all eligible tenants within the community, we also specialise in tenants who may feel financially excluded due to bad credit or low income when it comes to securing finance to buy their property.

Backed up with solid professional advice on average we assist tenants with an average savings per purchase of £53000.

Whether you require purely information or specific assistance with your Right to Buy application through to purchase it couldn’t be easier than talking with us.

Do you have an enquiry? Need more information? Please read our Q&A sidebar for guidelines on how to proceed for your Right To buy discounts.


The Right To Buy scheme allows secure tenants of council homes and housing association properties to buy their home with a significant discount, this can be cheaper than renting Joint applications You can make a joint application with: Someone who shares your tenancy Up to 3 family members who’ve lived with you for the past 12 months (even if they don’t share your tenancy) The Right to Buy is not available to people who part own their home. You should talk to your landlord/local council if you are considering buying a further share of your home
The following discount levels will apply: • 3 years – 35% discount for a house and 50% discount for a flat   • 4 years – 35% discount for a house and 50% discount for a flat   • 5 years – 35% discount for a house and 50% discount for a flat   • 6 years plus – add 1% per year for houses (up to 70% or the cash maximum – whichever is lower), add 2% per year for flats (up to 70% or the cash maximum – whichever is lower)
There are Four Steps in the Right To Buy Process in owning your home, STEP ONE - Complete An Application Form Ask one of our friendly advisers for help with this to be assured you get your maximum discount entitlement! STEP TWO - Get Acceptance Of Your Application When you have completed your form we can check it for you just to make sure it is filled in correctly and then you can forward it on to your landlord either by post or simply hand it in whichever suits you best ? Shortly after that you will be sent by post your  'Landlord's notice in response to tenant's right to claim basically this is your confirmation the right to buy process is now underway. Remember give us a quick ring to let us know this has been received. STEP THREE - Have Your Property Valued And Get a Formal Offer To Buy With Your Personal Discount Your local housing landlord will arrange a suitable time with you to visit your home to do a simple valuation of your property. To:- CALCULATE ANY MORE DISCOUNT YOU'RE ENTITLED TO FOR QUALIFYING HOME IMPROVEMENTS ( SEE STEP 1 ABOVE ) DETERMINE THE BEST PURCHASE PRICE FOR YOU COLLECT INFORMATION TO SEND YOU THE FORMAL OFFER WITH YOUR PERSONAL DISCOUNT APPLIED.   STEP FOUR - Formal Offer Of Your Choice To Purchase And Notice Of Intention This will sent to you by post and once received. CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY One of our friendly advisers will guide you through your options at this stage as you will only have a limited time to accept the offer.
The first thing you need to know is whether you are eligible for the Right to Buy. Eligibility criteria apply to you and the property you live in. If you’re not sure you could be eligible to buy your home and you’d prefer to speak to one of our Right to Buy advisers please choose from one of the 3 options  on this website they will walk you through the Right to Buy process and answer any questions you may have. However, your eligibility would need to be confirmed by your landlord as part of the Right to Buy application process.
Your discount is considered as a deposit also in most cases you may use or borrow some of this deposit for home improvements speak to us about this.

FIND OUT MORE…TEL 0330 555 0023

Call us on 0330 555 0023 If you can’t find your local authority listed, our friendly team of right to buy advisers are here and ready to offer help, support and advice.

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